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Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley
There was no respectful grappling after the bell rang in this bout between two heated rivals. Owens and Riley shoved each other and traded verbal barbs before exchanging fists. After catching a dropkick from Riley, Owens retreated to the arena floor and began baiting Riley into joining him. The raging A-Ry couldn’t resist the opportunity, but fell right into Owens’ trap. The NXT Champion viciously slammed Riley into the steel ramp before bringing the action back into the ring.

Though Riley showed bursts of offense and even looked to be on his way to a victory, Owens cut him off at every junction. A dazed Riley eventually stumbled right into the pop-up powerbomb, giving Owens the victory. His thirst for punishment not satiated, Owens tried to powerbomb A-Ry into the ring apron. However, the NXT Champion’s assault was cut short by Sami Zayn, who came out of nowhere to brawl with his former friend. The locker room emptied as officials and Superstars alike emerged to separate the two bitter rivals, but there was no stopping Zayn, who dove off the ropes and onto everyone. Owens scrambled from the mass of humanity,

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The season two NXT Rookies and WWE Pros are introduced
The WWE Universe was introduced to the eight new NXT Rookies and their WWE Pros on the season two premiere of WWE NXT. Tensions arose quickly, though, when the eight NXT Rookies entered the ring and their competitive sides came out.

In season two of WWE NXT, only 50 percent of the evaluation lies with the WWE Pros. The WWE Universe’s votes will account for the other 50 percent, as YOU will help choose WWE’s next breakout star.

Also, season two will only be 12 weeks long. In just three weeks, the results of the first WWE Pros’ Poll will be revealed, and the WWE Universe will vote in the first WWE.com Poll. Then, in just six weeks, the first NXT Rookie will be eliminated! Who will go on to be crowned the winner of season two of WWE NXT and earn a pay-per-view match against the champion of his choice? Read the rest of this entry »

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NXT Champion Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley (Non-Title Match)
Alex Riley had been waiting weeks to get his hands on Kevin Owens, and he wasted little time in engaging the NXT Champion. However, Owens overpowered Riley, who is only two matches into his in-ring return after two years away. The NXT Champion pummeled Riley in the corner before crushing him with a cannonball, then mocking his downed rival.

A-Ry dodged another cannonball and connected with a big spinebuster, sending the NXT Champion reeling. However, Owens cut off Riley’s offense, smashing him with three sentons. After throwing Riley into the ringside barricade, Owens ended the bout with his patented pop-up powerbomb. After the match, Owens tried to put Riley out of action with a powerbomb into the apron, but No. 1 Contender Finn Bálor dove off the stage to prevent it. Bálor stunned the NXT Champion with a dropkick into the corner. Owens escaped before Bálor could hit the Coup de Grace, but there will be no escape when the two clash next week with the NXT Title on the line.

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Break the Energy Barrier!

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